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In VOCABULARY on November 21, 2012 at 6:27 pm

“Perhaps the greatest challenge business leaders face today is how to stay competitive amid constant turbulence and disruption.” – John P. Kotter, “Accelerate!”, Harvard Business Review, November 2012.

An article from the November issue of the Harvard Business Review focuses on how companies can accelerate (pick up speed, move faster) in order to stay ahead of the competition in a faster-changing world. Kotter is an expert on organizational change and proposes a dual operating system, where the traditional hierarchy is coupled by a network-like structure.

The article contains interesting vocabulary related to quick movement (like accelerate, above):

  • agility [uh-jil-i-tee] (ability to move quickly and easily); adj: agile [aj-ail]
    mental agility ♦ agile fingers ♦ cats are flexible and agile
  • nimble [nim-bl]/nimbler (=agile); adv: nimbly
    nimble fingers/feet ♦ She hopped nimbly over the fence
  • rapid (very fast)
  • fast-moving
  • swift (rapid, quick, speedy); adv: swiftly

In the quote at the top of the post you can also see:

  • turbulence [tur-byuh-luhns] (confusion and disorder); adj: turbulent (probably from Greek τύρβη, tyrbe = disorder). Compare turbine.
    political and cultural turbulence ♦ turbulent feelings   turbulent years
  • disruption [dis-ruhp-shuhn] < disrupt (interrupt the progress of something; cause disorder); adj: disruptive. Compare rupture (break).
    social disruption ♦ The snowfall has disrupted the city’s transport system.

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