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Grammar, usage and style: learn from the best (and their mistakes).

In LEARNING STRATEGIES & TOOLS on February 4, 2014 at 6:00 pm

The New York Times’s associate managing editor for standards on questions of grammar, usage and style.

Even the best language users can sometimes be uncertain about usage and even make mistakes. Now, you can learn from the questions and lapses of The New York Times’ writers by following After Deadline, an online column which “examines questions of grammar, usage and style encountered by writers and editors of The Times. It is adapted from a weekly newsroom critique overseen by Philip B. Corbett, the associate managing editor for standards, who is also in charge of The Times’s style manual.”

Start with FAQs on some of the most common issues and then follow the weekly column.

You can also subscribe to an email alert that sends you a link whenever there is a new post: Register with the site and then go to the bottom of the Home page, click on Alerts, then +Create New Alert > Keyword Alerts and type “after deadline” in the keyword field.